Megan and the Princess of Death

In this second Megan mysteries book, we find Megan after following Frits down a cable car line, trapped in another strange world, The Hopah Place, with an annoying princess. Megan and Frits must journey through a series of scary-creepy caves to find their way back home, but first, she must solve three riddles. Will Megan find her way home this time?

Sample Text from Megan and the Princess of Death

Trapped in a strange world, Megan and Frits wandered the streets. “There’s got to be a road home somewhere around here,” Megan muttered. “There’s got to be. Got to be.”

“Meeeow” Frits agreed.

Suddenly, a car screeched to a stop and the door was flung open. “Come quickly, I know how to get you home!” said a voice from within.
“Get us home?” Megan asked.
“Yes, yes. I am Princess Elavuarasi. Get into this car at once!”

“At once,” Megan said, getting into the car. But Frits wasn’t too pleased. “Ssssssss!” he hissed, almost scratching the princess’s nose off her face.

The princess drove very fast. Megan clutched Frits tighter. “How did you know we want to get home?” she asked.
“The rock monster told me. Now stay still or you’ll never get home! Here, put this coin on your forehead,” said the princess. The princess snapped her fingers. SNAP.

The car ZOOMED out of the strange world and ZOOPED into a deep, dark cave.

<End of sample>

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