Our Land – Stop Ocean Debris!

Fisho and her family and friends are suffering under the weight of the increasing ocean debris, literally. This endearing story should make you think twice before littering.

Sample Text from Our Land

FISHO and her sister and brother were getting ready to go to school. After they finished their breakfast, their mum gave each of them a lunch box and an umbrella and warned them to be very cautious.
“I am tired of this umbrella. How long should I hold it over my head?”, said FISHAL.
“I am tired too. I can’t see my surroundings properly”, said FISHANT while swimming and spinning around herself.
“Sometimes, when I’m playing with the algae, my umbrella falls out of my hand and I forget it,” said FISHO while chewing the rest of the green algae left from their breakfast and quickly getting the bubbles out of her mouth.

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