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I get a fairly large number of emails from people asking about using FKB Files And Books on this site. I’d love to tell people they can use the books, especially for charities/non-profits, and wish I could, but unfortunately using FKB files and books it’s not that simple.

For using Using FKB Files And Books, please note: 

  • For anyone wanting to use the books for personal use, all authors are providing their books on our site have given unrestricted personal use, this is inherent by the fact it is published here as a pdf file.
  •  For anyone wanting to embed links, just like any link, this does not need our or the authors permission, and we welcome the referrals, links, blog posts, and any other form or sharing our content, even quotes, in standard copyright terms is quite permissible and welcomed. (I’m also happy to send you some promotional content about the site for guest blogs!) – help us share the resources legally!
  • For all other use of files, please review the individual book’s copyright details, see more below in the interior (usually on the title page) and see the author’s website for their contacts.


The copyright requirements for books on this site fall into three categories:

  • Public Domain – this means there are no copyright restrictions, you CAN use them;
  • Creative Commons License – this means there are restrictions, you CAN use them, but under certain terms. See the applicable creative commons license, typically you may use them with attribution to the creator;
  • Copyright – this means you CANNOT use the files without the copyright holder’s permission (typically the author).

Please respect these copyrights in use of the files hereon the website, since the authors have taken time to create them, and generously made them available here.

If you cannot find the author’s contacts on their website (click on their name) or the copyright instructions in the book, please feel free to contact me with the list of specific books you’re interested in, I can put you in touch with the author, or send a mail out ask for responses.

Enjoy using FKB files and books!


Post Written by Danielle Bruckert, 


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