Roy The Rat and his Six Thinking Hats

roy the rat and his six thinking hatsRoy the Rat has six thinking hats that he use whenever he wants to enter the process of making a decision. These hats help him approach situations carefully, by judging from different angles, and assist to avoid making hasty decisions or mistakes. This is a great technique that children can learn to apply in day to day life. The story is based on De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats technique.

In this story each hat has a different approach or outlook on things, the yellow hat makes Toy be more optimistic, the green hat makes Roy become more of a planner and think out of the box, the blue hat makes him more organized and so on.

Author and Illustrator: Angeliki Voreopoulou



Sample Text and Images from Roy The Rat and his Six Thinking Hats

Roy is a rat.
Not an ordinary rat but a clever one!
He has 6 different thinking hats to help him
solve all his problems.
You see life is dangerous where he lives
because there is Blackie the cat…

Roy The Rat and his Six Thinking Hats

Roy The Rat and his Six Thinking HatsOne day while he was wandering in the
kitchen, he saw a box on the kitchen table.
It was a beautiful big red box.

Roy The Rat and his Six Thinking HatsRoy’s eyes sparkled with excitement!
‘I want that box’ he thought and then
he said:

Roy The Rat and his Six Thinking Hats

Roy put on his WHITE HAT
and started thinking.
‘What do I know about the box? Well
not much… So I need to collect
information about it.

Roy The Rat and his Six Thinking HatsI could ask Tina the canary or Fenia the fly.
Blackie could know something about it
because he is always around here but I’d
better not go near him.

<end of sample text from Roy the Rat and his Six Thinking Hats>

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The Six Thinking Hats

De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats is a powerful decision making technique suitable for both group discussions and individual thinking. A thinking hat is a metaphor for a specific way of thinking, which allows people to look at the effects of a decision from different perspectives.

The Six Thinking Hats technique can be easily used in education to help students approach situations from different angles and therefore avoid a one-sided way of thinking. It can also promote their creativity, problem solving and critical thinking while providing them with opportunities to sharpen their communication skills as they will have to share opinions, ideas and feelings.

Since each thinking style is represented with a different colour, learners can easily recognize the thinking skill they are using just by visualizing it. The different colour hats and the thinking style they represent along with some questions and useful language that might facilitate the thinking process are briefly presented on the table below:


Hat Function of Hat Question to answer Useful language
 roy white hat Objective Facts & Figures The Information known or needed What information/facts do we know? what information is missing?

What information facts would we like to have?

How are we going to get the information?


We know that…

Let’s see what we have already learned…

what information we have so far…

Roy The Rat Express emotions & feelings, hunches, intuitions.

Share fears, likes dislikes, love and hates.

How do I feel about this right now?

How am I reacting to this?

I feel…

For me…

de bonos thinking hats Be the devil’s advocate Cautious and Careful Focus on difficulties and dangers.

Identify the Worst-case Scenarios

Is this true? Will it work? Why it wont work?

What are the weaknesses? What is wrong with it?

I don’t think that…

I wouldn’t do…

six thinking hats Be optimistic and maintain a positive attitude

Explore the benefits and best-case scenarios

What are the good points? What are the benefits?

Why will this idea work? Why is this worth doing?

How will it help us? Why can it be done?

We can…

We should…

thinking hats Creativity, generate new ideas / concepts / perceptions on

how the case can be handled

What are some possible ways to work this out?

What are some other ways to solve the problem?

I believe that…

I think that…

We could try…

roy thinking hats Control, organization and management of the thinking process What do we want to achieve?

Where do we want to end up?

We should continue by…


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