Save the Unicorn – Fantasy adventure

Save the Unicorn Emma LaybournSave the Unicorn is a fun early chapter book about a mean hunter, a couple of not very bright unicorns, and a young girl determined to save them.

No unicorns have been seen near Kia’s village for twenty years, so when she spots one, she is delighted. But the fierce Sir Crabcut is determined to hunt it down, and Kia is the only person who can save it. The trouble is, this unicorn doesn’t want be rescued…

Sample Text by Save the Unicorn!


“Unicorn! Unicorn!” shouted Kia. “I’ve just seen a unicorn!”

Everyone in the marketplace turned to stare at her. Her father, Jed the blacksmith, dropped his hammer in amazement.

“A unicorn? Impossible! No-one’s seen a unicorn round here in twenty years.” “Well, I did!” insisted Kia. “It was down in the forest, by the pool.”
“Are you sure?”
“Of course I’m sure! It had a horn as long as my arm. It was so beautiful!” sighed

Kia. The unicorn had been standing quite still, gazing down into the water. It had looked like a statue carved from moonlight.

“What’s that? You found a unicorn?”

At the booming voice behind her, Kia spun round. Sir Crabcut was striding across the market square.

Sir Crabcut lived in the castle. He was as broad and impatient as a bull – a bull with ginger whiskers. They bristled fiercely when he spoke; or rather, when he bellowed. He only had one tone of voice, which was loud.

Right now, his eyes were bulging with disbelief.
“You?” he thundered. “You found a unicorn? A scruffy brat like you?”
Kia dropped a curtsey. “Yes, indeed, sir,” she said proudly.
“Hmph! What did you do with it?”
“I didn’t do anything,” said Kia. “I just crept away, so as not to frighten it.” “What?” he roared. “You silly girl, why didn’t you catch it? I could have added it

to my collection!”
“Collection?” Kia was bemused.
Then, with a gasp of horror, she realised what he meant. Once, peeping through

the castle window, she’d seen a host of glass eyes staring back. Animals’ heads were ranged around the wall. There were stags, wild-eyed wolves, surly bears, and even a small, sad dragon.

“Come to think of it,” snorted Sir Crabcut, “a grubby little peasant-girl like you could never catch a unicorn. But it’s just what I need for my collection! It’ll look perfect over the fireplace.”

<End of Page 1 of Save the Unicorn!>

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About the Author

Emma Laybourn is a qualified teacher and librarian who has had seven children’s books published in traditional form in the UK and USA. She has also had about sixty short stories published in British and Australian magazines.
In 2012 I set up a child-friendly website,, to offer free children’s stories, ebooks and printable puzzles. Five years later she created a second site,, as a home for free abridged classic novels and classic poetry ebook collections. Keeping both sites going is proving a full-time job, but a very enjoyable one!



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