Shakari’s Cycling Adventure – Based on a True Story

Sample Text from Shakari’s Cycling Adventure

Shikari just could not stay still. He loved playing football, hockey, kabaddi, cricket and enjoyed running and cycling. His real name was Shivaprakash, but because his hometown was Shikaripura, his friends called him Shikari.

Shikari worked at a sports store after graduating from college. The work kept him busy but he was bored. He longed to play sports and was always dreaming of adventure. It seemed to Shikari that his life had suddenly taken pause.

Until one day, Shikari heard something on the radio. “India is hosting the Asian Games”

“Delhi,” Shikari thought, “I have never been to Delhi and I must go to see the Games!”
A brilliant idea entered his mind. The idea of a thrilling adventure. A thrilling cycling adventure!

“What if I cycle till Delhi? I have never cycled so far. It will be exciting to travel through new cities and towns.”

His friend Richard offered him his cycle for the trip.

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