Supercow Volume 3 The Reader – A picture book for literacy awareness

Supercow Volume 3 The ReaderSupercow Volume 3 – Supercow returns in another exciting adventure. This time he helps a little girl with a big book who is very upset.

This is a series I created around my little girl’s favourite toy, The Adventures of Supercow – which ended up rather popular, so I created a volume two, and now there is three :-)…Now Supercow tackles the topic of literacy, since after all he’s a superhero, and that seemed like the next really important dilemma for him to tackle.

Anyhow, after that walk down memory lane, on with the books…

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Text from Supercow Volume 3 – The Reader

Once upon a time, a little lost girl sat by the stump of a tree crying. Why was she crying? We Don’t know. ….But what we do know is that she was clutching a large book in her arms.

Supercow was sitting, chilling,
in a field of daisies.

“It’s very important to stop and smell the flowers“ Supercow says. – “But don’t pick too many! – Leave them for other people to enjoy too.”

Wait, what is that???

Supercow hears a call for help.

Quick as a flash, Supercow was there!

“Why are you crying little girl?” Said Supercow,
kindly and in a
non-threatening way.

The little girl’s name was Mia. (mya).
People called her ‘meea’ sometimes; it made her mad but she didn’t say anything – that would be rude.

Supercow looked at the little girl clutching the book so tight –
It must be something to do with reading, he thought to himself.

Why would anyone cry over a book???
He thought to himself.

Supercow asked the little girl,
“Do you want someone to read
that book to you?”

The little girl looked like no one had ever offered to read her a book before.

Supercow was VERY worried.

How could it be that nobody had ever wanted to read a book to her??

It was a crime or NOT???

“Little girl,” said Supercow,
“would you like me to
read you that book?”

“Would I???”

Mia clasped her hands in delight.

Supercow and Mia sat down, snuggled up, and began to read… Just like Magic!

So Supercow flew away to save another day.

All was well with the world, and,

Cow went back to his stroll in the park.

End of Text from Supercow Volume 3 – The Reader

More from the Supercow Series

If you want to read Supercow Volume 1, the original story, it is a short, sweet bedtime story about the superhero Supercow. see the post here and files here: LINK The original book was written based on my daughter’s toy cow, called Cow, now also known as his alter-ego, Supercow. (Also available as a colouring version –, and in our foreign languages section

If you want to read Supercow Volume 2 The Bully,, it’s a story about bullies, that I wrote as a sequel due to both the popularity of the first book, and the notoriety of the toy in our family. The topic of bullying sort of came to me and I figured it was a very valiant cause for supercow’s follow up book.

And then there’s one of my favourites, developed from giving school talks and reading of supercow, How to Draw Supercow,, an activity book, and simple enough anyone can do it!

how to draw super cowInteresting fact about Supercow: Supercow was, in fact, part of the original inspiration behind this website. If it wasn’t for Supercow, FKB probably wouldn’t exist. I’d started writing children’s books in 2005, as a Captain on domestic routes, I needed a creative release, with my daughter’s arrival, I now had 5 books, and Supercow made 6. I desperately needed a place to host them! A place where there were children’s books, and just children’s books, and they were downloadable, – search, search, search, there was nothing! My brother was a web developer working freelance, so I hired him to make me a website, and (asides from a platform change which isn’t that obvious for users), FKB pretty much exists in its original form, as it was created, today almost ten years later.

I continued writing books, trying different types, as my children grew, and even did some school visits. Now we all love now creating books and putting them up on the site. I’m busy editing a book my daughter created entirely on her own! My son’s not as patient, but I have hope :-). And, over the years Free Kids Books and the authors involved have grown into a really amazing support network for me, and resource for thousands of kids, schools, parents, and more. Some of you don’t know how much you have meant to me, others I hope I’ve made it clear! If not, please read this as a big thank-you! to all the readers and especially to all the contributors!!

Supercow Volume 3 was written after all my friends and family out there with reading issues, and for that it is special, so please let me know what you think 🙂

Where’s Supercow today? Despite traveling a lot, and shifting, and going off to fight crime on his own, almost not to return one day in IKEA, Supercow is alive and well and still resides, when not fighting crime, in my daughter’s bedroom, remaining an inspiration, and I think he always will do.

Author Note on Cow’s gender –
It did occur to me briefly, at the time, but with all the press recently, I thought I’d make a note. Since his entry into our lives, cow has always been a boy – I am not sure why, perhaps it was my own gender biases using the pronoun, all my toys were boys for no known reason, only one was a girl, or perhaps it was my daughter who picked it I cannot recall, but he has always been a boy, hence the use of the pronoun ‘he’ throughout the series. At the early stages in some of the critiques of draft versions, a few friends pointed out that cows are in fact girls, by default. In response, I guess partly from my pigheaded stubbornness. and also because cow was a real person in our household, so it didn’t seem fair to him to change it, I decided we had simply created one of the first transgender heroes :-)….for those looking for LGBTG books….you can certainly use Supercow as a hero, since he is a hero to everyone, especially minorities who are often at the receiving end of unjust discrimination from time to time, Supercow fully supports this :-).

This book is available as a creative commons non-commercial release (CC-BY-NC), derivatives welcomed!  If you create and share this book, (the same applies for all my books,, the only thing you need to do is link back to this website.! And if you do make a revision or new edition, please send us a copy and I will post it too.


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