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The Night Before

the night before

The Night Before – Have you ever thought there was a dragon chasing you? Did you wonder what terrible things they might do when they catch you? This award winning, beautifully illustrated, rhyming picture book, describes the adventure of a boy running from a huge, scaly dragon. It’s trickery and games as they try to …


The Sun Who Lost His Way

the sun who lost his way

The Sun Who Lost His Way – “And what is so wrong with my liking game playing instead of learning Geography?” That’s what the naughty sun, Shiny, kept saying all the time. One day the time he should rise and shine, in order to start a new day for people, came.  Cheerful and eager, he …


Jordan and the Little Magic Pencil

jord annd the little magic pencil

Through this fairytale “Jordan and the Little Magic Pencil” children will realise that learning to read and write is like a game. Once you know the rules, it’s easy! Parents and teachers can help them understand the magical world of language, unlock it and love it. An entertaining story with a very important message. Another …


The Picturesque Life of Canela: The Hooves

the picturesque life of canela: the hooves

The Picturesque Life of Canela: The Hooves – Canela, a little goat, is afraid of trying new things, but bit by bit she will continue discovering how brave she really is. A lovely illustrated tale that teaches children to face their fears. By: N Miranda     See more books about animals below    


Children’s Stories With a Moral

children stories with a moral

Children’s Stories With a Moral – Two illustrated children’s stories with a moral: The Legend of the Black Sea- a story which shows that strength of character, and belief in the good in everything is above all else; The old fisherman had a good dog, Boley, and an evil black cat, Sershina. “Master, this cat …