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Why Do Sunbirds Eat All Day – Fun Biology


Why do Sunbirds Eat All Day is a fun biology lesson in a book, all about sunbirds. What they look like, how they eat, and why. The book has some additional non-fiction facts at the end for extra resources. Written by Anusha Shankar, Illustrated by Harjyot Khalsa See more Science Below      


Did You Hear? – Early nature book about bird sounds

bird sounds

In Did you Hear? we hear a range of different bird sounds, the brahminy kite, the malabar the dove, the coppersmith and the racket tailed drongo who copies them all. You’ll love this book if you enjoy making fun sounds like bird calls. The book is level 1 suitable for young children, but it might …


Let’s Go Seed Collecting – biology for early grades


In Let’s Go Seed Collecting – biology for early grades, a fictional tale about two children and their dog out collecting seeds, we learn lots of non-fiction facts about seeds and plant life. A great introduction to biology topics for early grades, the picture book also contains some facts at the end about different types …