Teacher Owl’s Class – Animal Story for Children

Teacher Owl's Class Children's StoryTeacher Owl’s class is full of animals. Teacher Owl is teaching them important lessons, but all of the animals seem to have an excuse for not having completed their homework. All except one that is. Snail might be slow but he’s determined to keep his focus and complete his responsibilities. A fun children’s story with animals, which teaches a lesson about focussing on your responsibilities.

By: Frank Meintjies


Sample Text From Teacher Owl’s Class

They were all gathered in the classroom. The learners sat on two logs under a blue sky with flecks of white cloud. It was not far from a stream. Teacher Owl looked at the class.

Teacher Owl's ClassSnail looked left and right on her log. She was just trying to see what Miss Owl saw. There was Hare, Leguaan, the Honeyguide and Daliso the cat. “Learners”, said Teacher Owl, to the class, “Settle down. I know it’s nearly the end of the school day. I want to give you your homework for tomorrow. It’s about knowing where you and your family come from.”

Teacher Owl explained what they needed to do. She usually tried to make sure the learners understood everything. She wanted to tell them one more time, so they would remember. But some of the learners were already sliding off the logs to go home. “Goodbye,” Teacher Owl said. “Have a safe journey home”. Snail was still on the log. She wondered if anyone even heard Teacher Owl say goodbye.


The next day, in the morning, the learners gathered in the class. Daliso the cat

arrived just as everyone was saying: “Good morning teacher”. Then they sang one of their favourite songs:

“We are the learners from the valley We like to learn
We are the learners
It’s our turn”

“We the learners of the valley do ‘words’ and ‘sums’
for us learning and passing
is so much fun.”

Approximate Reading Time: 10-15 minutes, Words 1076

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    I work with Egerton university Library in Kenya. we have had a reading promotion programme for the disadvantaged children since 1998. Yours is a wonderful and we are going to study and come back for further detailed discussion with a view to enhance our project. Thank you.

  • Thanks you Pearl for that feedback and encouragement! My hope is that, coupled with the great work you do, through reading migrant children find a way or ways to go forward with their lives!

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    I work with Women with a Mission a volunteering group based in Pattaya Thailand.
    We have been working on a Remote Reading programme with migrant children from Myanmar. These books are great and we will get the children to read and understand them. I wanted the authors know that their books are being used for a worthy cause.
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