The Best College Majors for Book-Loving Teens

Nothing beats getting lost in a good book. Whether you’re immersed in a detailed fictional world or submerged in a gripping historical account, books are a gift that keep on giving. For the book lovers out there, it’s natural to consider how you could give yourself as much time to read and indulge your favorite hobby while still getting paid. If you love to read, then these college majors could be the perfect fit.

What to Do Before You Declare a Major

Choosing what to major in is a huge decision, but it’s also a wonderful step toward adulthood. You know that you’re steering yourself in a direction you’re passionate about. Even if you don’t have everything figured out right now, you can rest assured that declaring a major is a great achievement. Before you decide, though, it’s a good idea to compare programs for at least three potential degrees. Majors not only affect what courses you take but what job opportunities you’ll have after graduation. 

The cost of education can also be drastically affected by what you choose to study. In addition to researching programs, look at how each degree path affects your financing options as well. Be sure to research college scholarships related to your major. You can find and apply for college scholarships faster with a free search tool and application platform like this one. Now, let’s help you delve into some of the best majors for book lovers!

Creative Writing

If you aspire to become an author yourself, then a degree in creative writing is a great way to build the strongest foundation. You will be challenged in ways you never imagined, but you’ll ultimately emerge as a much more confident, capable writer. Many students in this field also go on to pursue their Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. An MFA also qualifies you to become a professor, so you could bring the gift of writing to hundreds of others in your lifetime.


Everyone has that one teacher who inspired them like no one else during childhood. That person could be you. In fact, with a degree in education and specialization in language arts, you could be the one teacher who focuses on the benefits of reading and instills a love of books in the next generation. This is an awesome way for book lovers to bring their passion for the written word and imagination into their everyday lives. You also get to keep discovering tons of new books each year just for the sake of your job.


Linguistics is the study of language, how it’s formed, ways it’s used and how it shapes a society. With a degree in linguistics, you can go on to earn a master’s in a specialized field or work in writing, editing, teaching or translation. Many linguistics students minor or double-major in a foreign language they’re passionate about, so they can go on to work with students overseas or become an interpreter.


This is the most obvious choice, but the list wouldn’t be complete without it. English majors get to dedicate their entire degree to reading, interpreting, analyzing, and discussing a wide range of texts. You will go on to choose an area of study, like the Victorian era or 20th-century. Careers in writing, editing, journalism publishing and teaching can be in your future with this degree.

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