The best Free Educational Apps for Children

Some of the most challenging moments in life are keeping kids occupied, especially after closing school. That’s the main reason you give your kids phones, tablets, and other devices to play with and avoid getting bored. However, the main challenge is figuring out the apps that you need to install on the devices- apps that will be kid-friendly and safe.

Due to this, experts have conducted their research and developed the most interesting educational apps for children. Here are the top five children apps you can download for your kid as you have fun at an online casino (คาสิโนออนไลน์) or while working.

  1. Google Classroom

In educational institutions, students often need to complete and submit their assignments on time. The teachers also need to review and grade the homework on time. While the process sounds simple, it’s incredibly frustrating for every party involved. Fortunately, Google Classroom makes it easy for instructors to connect with their students, making it easy to create classes, communicate and distribute assignments inside and outside the school.

  1. PBS Kids Play & Science

PBS Kids is a popular network known for offering educational content and they’ve created multiple educational software for children. This app allows kids to play games and build their science knowledge and core concepts. Your kid can enjoy games like playing with shadows, choosing the materials to build umbrellas, and controlling the weather.

  1. Epic

For those looking for an app that delivers kid-friendly e-books, Epic is your best resource. The app offers a collection of over 35000 kids e-books, and it also works with kids still learning to read. You can download the app for kids between 2 and 12 years, making it an excellent way to keep them occupied in their Android and iOS devices.

  1. Quick Math Jr.

Most of the children tend to find math’s a boring subject. Luckily, this app can transform numbers into something interactive and quick. The app has 12 different math games that have essential math concepts and skills. To keep children engaged, it contains unique buildable and graphics characters, and all the answers get drawn on the screen or are handwritten to enable children to practice handwriting.

  1. Stack the States 2

The app is a part game and part educational tool. It helps the children learn the general knowledge and geography of different states via the game. The moment they get one answer correct, they win a state to add to their stack. The ultimate goal is ensuring you stack your state to a particular level. The game is one of the best since it keeps itself fresh and fun by offering three additional games that children can unlock; they immediately complete certain rounds.


Among other educational apps for children include Duolingo, Toca Hair Salon 3, Code Hour, Starfall ABCs, Brain Jr. Movie of the Week. These apps have proven effective in helping kids learn and have fun, making them worth trying. You can also try different premium apps for specific features, especially with a special needs kid.

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