The Best House Of All – A picture book for young architects

Author: Natasha Sharma
Illustrator: Kaveri Gopalakrishnan


Sample Text from The Best House of All – A picture book for young architects

I am an architect.

Architects design and make buildings because
they like buildings and houses.

Just like I do.

Which is why Ma calls me her ‘little architect’.

To build a house, you need space in some place.

<End of Page 2 of The Best House Of All>

At the end of the book, different types of houses are described, eg:

Yurt: Found in Mongolia, yurts are made with a wood frame and thick mats. The parts of the yurt are light enough to be carried on horses and yaks.
Teepee: Made with long poles and animal hide by the Native North American Tribes in the plains, this is another house that can be packed up and carried around!

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