The Cute and Cuddly Koalas

Sample Text from The Cute and Cuddly Koalas

Marsupials are a branch of mammals.
Marsupials stay pregnant for a very short time and have a pouch. Koala bears stay pregnant for 30-35 days. The new born koala bear is called a joey. It weighs half a gram. When born, a joey crawls into its mama’s pouch and feeds on milk.
At the age of 6 months, he/she starts eating excreted pulpy eucalyptus leaves called pap prepared by their mother. The joey at age of 7 months emerges from the pouch and rides on its mothers back.
At age of 1 year, the joey is kicked out of the tree by their mother to live independently on its own tree. At this age, the koala bear has learned to climb trees and eat leaves. Soon these koala bears will become pregnant and repeat the process.
If the joey is a female, it sexually matures at age of three. If the joey is a male, it sexually matures at age of four.
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