AI is a branch of computer science for generates the mimicking behaviors of software. Artificial intelligence mimicking behavior is exhibited by humans. The mimicking behaviors include the reasoning, learning, and the problem-solving attitude of the machines

The AI tools have revolutionized the education sector around the world. Files conversion makes it possible to detect AI images and content. AI-converted images are usually difficult to figure out as the file conversion provides a simple solution of conversion.

The makes it possible to interchange file formats. It is not difficult to convert the PNG to Word and Word to PDF file conversion.

Utilization of AI:

AI is applied in various fields and completing tasks like image recognition.

  • AI is used in navigating the Vehicle or treating the cancer. Use of the AI is widespread in the fields of engineering and health.
  •  In the educational sector, AI is used to analyze the data and is a good source of secondary data.

In research secondary sources of data possess the utmost importance. AI proves to be one of the simple sources of secondary data for researchers. Primary data sources are evaluated with the reliability of the secondary sources of research.

Various AI-based Tools

AI tools and apps are continuously improving due to new AI-based algorithms. AI involvement in the education sector is due to its usability and reliable secondary source of information. The significant issue is the usability of the AI tools in conducting the research.

The various AI tools used on the internet are as follows:

  • ChatGPT 3.5
  • ChatGPT 4.0
  • ChatGPT 3.5
  • Microsoft Bing Chat
  • Google Bard
  • Anthropic Claude 2


Role of AI in Educational Documents:

The various effects of AI tools in managing educational resources are:

Administration of Teaching

Teaching has become more realistic for peers and students. AI-based tools are a good source for developing a draft and managing educational resources. Different educational materials generated from AI tools assist in preparing a presentation of lesson plans. Lesson plans are presentations need to be shared on the Internet or with a wider audience. Word to PDF is a way to digitize the teaching material and its sharing is possible quickly and securely. This makes the teaching material more accessible to the audience, especially students.


The AI tools and apps are easy for the users to handle and create various image formats. The PNG or JPG file formats are common and they are easily convertible to various image formats. Cardscanner.Co-make the conversion of files for the teachers and students. They can interchange the file format from JPG to Word format. Word format makes it easy to digitize the content and the files

Cheating Trend in Students:

One of the pitfalls of students is cheating behaviour and unethical practices while using AI-based tools. They are using AI-based tools in coping with the presentation and research articles. Students usually tend to solve the assignments with the utilisation of AI-based tools. This is the one of major trends in students spotted.

The various trends and temptations in students are:

  • Inclined towards shortcuts and not doing proper research
  • Lack of research attitude is common among students
  • Using the AI-based tools to solve the research question completely


Social Connection

The social connection between students and interaction has been significantly reduced. They are not going to interact with their teachers and mentors frequently. The main reason behind this they are inclined towards the memic pattern of the AI tools.

  • Students are not communicating properly with teachers
  • Fraud and dishonesty also result from AI-based content
  •  AI conversation can dodge innocent people


AI-based tools have resulted in promoting various attitudes in students. Cheating practices are common ethical issues, secondly, students are inclined toward a lack of research. This attitude resulted in reduced connection with their teachers and mentors. Students are not seeking guidance from their teachers, which is one of the major concerns of students.

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