The Storybook Princess

Author: Prum Kunthearo Illustrator: Seng Visoth

Sample Text from The Storybook Princess

Chomnan is a child who likes listening to stories. His father always tells stories to him.
“Dad, I want to hear a story!” Chomnan says.
His father begins: “Once upon a time, a couple working as firewood choppers had seven children. The youngest child was as small as a thumb…”

Chomnan interrupts:
“Dad, why is he as small as a thumb?” “Because he eats very little and grows slowly,” his father says.
“Why does he eat very little?” Chomnan asks.
“Because his family is poor.”

Chomnan asks:
“Why are his older siblings normal?”
“Now do you want to hear the story or not?” his father says.
“I want to,” Chomnan says, “but I want to hear a different story. I know this story already.”

<End of sample>

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This book was brought to us by Pratham and their Storyweaver platform and is produced by the Asia Foundation.

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