The Value of Reading for Your Child and the Cost of Education

Do you like to read? Do you want a child who does as well? Whether or not you have been a big reader in your own life, there are a lot of good reasons to raise a child who loves books. You can start reading to them when they are babies and get them their own library cards when they are as young as toddlers. Libraries often have great programs and activities for children, including story times and summer book series. Loving books can benefit your children from infancy to adulthood.


Higher Education

Whatever subject your child decides to study, being a reader will put them well ahead of the pack as a college student. A great deal of college is about being able to take in and make use of a large volume of dense information, and their years of being an engaged and eager reader will serve them well. A good level of reading comprehension will help them wend their way through a deluge of information in preparation for college as well, from studying for standardized tests to wading through information about scholarships, grants, financial aid and more. You can pitch in by taking out a Private Parent Loan. These low-rate loans are great opportunities for parents to remove some of the financial burden of student loan repayments from their kids and give them more time to focus on their studies instead of stressing out about money issues.

For Younger Children

Some of the common challenges faced by children’s authors is to create stories that can add value to a variety of age groups. The truth is, even infants benefit from having a parent read to them. This is a special bonding time for you and your child, but it also exposes them to the sound and rhythm of different types of language at an early age. Babies just a few months old can look at colors and shapes on a page, and by sharing books with them from the very beginning, you can make it an activity that they literally do not remember not having in their life. As your child becomes verbal but before they can identify printed words, it increases their vocabulary. Even if your child is an early independent reader, having regular read aloud sessions with them can be time well spent for both of you.

Other Benefits

While reading in children is correlated to success in school, ultimately, it is an activity that should not be taken up primarily for this reason. Like other art forms, such as music, it simply enriches one’s life. It has value all on its own as entertainment. It gives kids the opportunity to get lost in other worlds and helps children learn more about other people and places. Keep in mind that there are a number of different ways to get into stories as well, including eBooks and audiobooks. Some children may find their way into a love of words via comic books or games. Finding the medium that most appeals to them and working with them to expand their horizons can provide them with an easy, low cost activity that they can enjoy for a lifetime.

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