There’s a Hole in my Galaxy

Sample text from There’s a Hole in my Galaxy

It is the year 2563 on planet Earth.
Maya’s family owns a rocket ship. But she is not allowed to use it. Not without a grown-up.
Ava really wants to see Pluto. She is Maya’s best friend and loves everything about space and astronomy. She wants Maya to fly her to Pluto.

“Please,” says Ava. “Please, please.”
“My parents will be angry,” Maya protests.
“They’re out for the weekend, and it’s not that far to Pluto. We’ll be back before your parents return,” promises Ava.
Maya reluctantly agrees. Her brother Reyhaan tags along.
The three friends soar off from Earth on a hot summer night. Ava bounces with excitement.

Ava starts reeling off facts about the Solar System. “Do you know that one day the sun will die?” asks Ava.
“You say the strangest things, Ava. How can the sun die?” asks Reyhaan.
“The sun gets its energy by burning hydrogen to produce helium. Slowly, all its hydrogen will get used up. Probably in five billion years,” says Ava.
Ava tells Reyhaan that when a star the size of the sun dies, it becomes a white dwarf. When a star bigger than the sun dies, it becomes a black hole.

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