There’s a Lion on the Loose

Sample Text from There’s a Lion on the Loose

Once it started raining, it just wouldn’t stop. The sky wept great tears in an endless stream until the clouds had entered everyone’s hearts and made them feel as gray and weepy as the weather. But still, it rained on and on.
Everyone stayed at home, gloomy and bored. “I wish we could DO something,” moaned Geeti, “Nothing exciting ever happens to us,” said Vikki.

Mummy wouldn’t let them go out, but she tried to cheer them up by making hot, crisp pakodas for them. The children helped too, cutting the potatoes, onions, spinach and cauliflower.
The pakodas were yummy. They ate them hot, dipping them into spicy green chutney. Soon the children were bursting full. So mummy put the leftover pakodas on a plate and covered them so that they could eat them the next day, with cold lassi and leftover rotis.

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