Tug of War – a fable

Tug of war children's story - a fableTurtle wants to be treated as an equal by the bigger animals, can he prove to them that he is worthy of being treated as an equal?

Sample Text from Tug of War

Turtle was small, but he talked big. He loved to boast that he was friends with the biggest animals in the jungle. He would say things like, “I’m just as strong as the biggest animals around here, including Elephant and Hippopotamus. That’s right: Elephant and Hippopotamus and I are friends, because I’m just as strong as they are.”
One day, Elephant and Hippopotamus happened to hear from some of the other animals what Turtle was going around saying. Elephant and Hippopotamus laughed. “So,” they said, “Turtle thinks he is as strong as we are? That’s the silliest thing we’ve ever heard. He’s so tiny compared to us!”
And when the animals told Turtle what Elephant and Hippopotamus said, Turtle became very mad. “So, they do not think that I am as strong as they are? Once they see that I am just as strong as they are, we will definitely be friends. Just wait and see!” Then Turtle set off to find Elephant and Hippopotamus.

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Story: Rosie McCormick, Illustrations: Michael Parker

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