Uncovering Earth’s Secrets

By: Kevin Kurtz, Alice Feagan

About the Author: Kevin Kurtz

Kevin writes nonfiction books for children, he uses his expertise and experience working in a marine biology lab, marine biology research ship, a science museum and many more in his past career.

He inspires students and teach them about reading by providing live visits and virtual interactions.

About the Illustrator: Alice Feagan

A children illustrator based on Colorado she loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, swimming and fishing. She loves art and drawing for kids and her work was greatly influenced by the Western North Carolina folk art. Tons of her works are featured in books, magazines, advertisements and museum.

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  • iron laksa writes:
    Interesting book

    saif writes:
    this is an interesting book

    Jessica writes:
    Great story for my science lovers. Ages 6 and 7

    Narcissist writes:
    A very nice book specially for children interested in science.


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