Under My Pillow

An adventure about a five-year-old girl who loses her first tooth. She puts it under her pillow as many children do but discovers that there is no tooth or present the next day. She then goes on a quest to solve the mystery with the help of her mom, the Tooth Fairy, and the Tooth Fairy’s feathered friend. Will all turn out happily ever after?

Under My Pillow explores themes of problem-solving, trust, and forgiveness and encourages children and families of all ethnicities to write letters in this fun and surprising tale.

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Sample Page of Under My Pillow b y Jennifer Ballow

Here’s what people are saying about Under my Pillow:

“Clever twist on the traditional Tooth Fairy story. The characters are fun and illustrated in beautiful colors. My 4 yo granddaughter loves it!”

“Under my Pillow is a clever exploration of a classic story – who is the tooth fairy and what does she do with my tooth? The pictures a bright and colorful, which adds excitement to every page. I also think the author did a great job of representing several races within the story. Overall it is just a very cute and clever book that my son and I will read together for years.”

“The book is clearly written and easy to understand, with cute illustrations. My favorite part is that the “gift” the tooth fairy leaves Sam is never disclosed, so it doesn’t set expectations on the part of your child for a certain dollar amount or type of gift.”

“Bravo, such an exceptional presentation for a book, never thought of what would happen if someone stole the tooth fairy present! Great idea!”

Read along with the video, read by Kiwi Opa:

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