Under the Invisibility Cloak – Fun fabric review

Sample Text from Under the Invisibility Cloak


Arnav and Tanisha loved to play hide-and-seek. Every evening, this is what they did with their friends. One day, Arnav said to Tanisha, “What fun hide-and-seek would be if I could disappear and no one could see me!”
They decided to ask Mamma and Papa if it was possible to become invisible.

Papa smiled and said, “That sounds like science fiction.”
Mamma designed curtains and cushion covers for people’s homes and knew a lot about different kinds of cloth. She said, “I think scientists are working on fabrics that could make the wearer invisible.”

“Ooh, you mean like a real invisibility cloak?” asked Tanisha.
The children decided to visit the library to find out more about these new-age fabrics.

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This is another great book from Pratham and their Storyweaver platform.

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