We Go To Bo – One and two early readers letter words

We Go To BoWe Go To Bo – One and two early readers letter words, avisit to Bo’s with Ma leads to lots of fun and bubbles. A beautifully illustrated book written completely in words of two letters or less. A great book to build confidence and blending for early readers, and a short fun book for very young children, struggling readers, and early readers.

By: Larry Baum and Joanna Pasek


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  • Larry Baum is in the process of creating more books with short words, and has pledged to generously make them available on FKB, if he can get them finished. To help him finish quality illustrations he has a kickstarter campaign, finishing 1st July 2019, please visit his page, and consider sending him a donation, even if you can only pledge a small amount it all helps,

  • I like this book because it teaches how to read 2 letter words and my toddler can understand the story too.

  • anon writes:
    This is a great little book! Both the words and the illustrations.

    Danielle (site editor) writes:
    Awesome idea, this really strengthens blending and builds confidence for new readers. I am looking forward to trying it out. I also love the beautiful watercolour illustrations.

    Darius writes:
    very easy to read

    Romina writes:
    F A N T A S T I C

    Nur syafiqah writes:
    I like the book so so much and the picture too.

    Reena Philip writes:
    very nice and interesting . simple to read even to 18 months old

    Chloe writes:
    Bo has a fun time with his friend.

    Jay writes:
    Very easy read for my young beginner!!

    Ana Sfair writes:
    Very nice book images for Reading. Thanks for sharing


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