Where am I? A nature puzzle for early grades

where am I nature puzzleWhere am I? is a book which shows different animals camouflaged in their natural habitat, like a nature puzzle. Young children can have fun finding the animals on the page, if you make the images smaller initially and zoon in until the animal can be spotted it can be a fun game. Each animal has some facts related to them. A fun early science book.

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Text from where am I?

I am happiest among the big trees of a forest.
Flying snakes scare me – they might gobble me up!
I am a flying lizard.
Where am I?

I am shy and quick-footed.where am I nature puzzle
Guess what? I eat my own potty!
I am a black-naped hare.
Where am I?

I have a very small body and really long legs.
My tail looks like it’s split down the middle.
I am a two-tailed spider.
Where am I?

I am hidden among leaf litter.
My wings have a special pattern!
I am a moth.
Where am I?

I spend all my life on trees in gardens.
When tiny insects come near me, I leap forward and eat them up!
I am a bark gecko.
Where am I?where am I nature puzzle

I love eating juicy, green leaves.
Watch out for an odd-shaped leaf – that might just be me!
I am a grasshopper.
Where am I?

I have eight legs but I don’t spin webs.
The flower I live in is the same colour as me!
I am a crab spider.
Where am I?

I can sit still for hours on end.
Listen for my chirps, mostly during dawn or dusk!
I am a nightjar.
Where am I?

I hold up my front legs in a fold, like I am praying.
Look for a swaying movement and you will know it’s me.
I am a praying mantis.
Where am I?

I spend a lot of time near water.
When you hear us call “drong drowng”, you know the monsoon has arrived!
I am a bullfrog.
Where am I?

<End of text from Where am I? A nature puzzle book.>



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  • I liked this book. It’s a great way for children to learn about camouflage and creatures in nature. The short sentences and repetition will help keep children engaged.


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