Where Do My Thoughts Go? A bedtime story

where do my thoughts go bedtime storyWhere Do My Thoughts Go is a fun imaginative book for kindergarten and early grades. A child imagines her thoughts as real and wonders where they go. The illustrations in the book and the fun sounds will make this an enjoyable short read for young children.

This is a creative commons book (CC-BY-SA) brought to us by Pratham Books, and their StoryWeaver platform. Pratham Books aims to ensure a book in every child’s hands.

Content under Creative Commons licenses can be downloaded, translated and can even be used to create new stories ‐ provided you give appropriate credit, and indicate if changes were made.


Text from Where Do My Thoughts Go – A bedtime story

Where do my thoughts go?where do my thoughts go bedtime story

Do they plip-plop or
do they thump-thump when they walk?

Do they spin and spin and spin with the fan and get di-diz-dizzy?

Do they ride on a paper plane to go play with the clouds?

Do they sleep like Raasu all day long when they eat too much?

Do they hide inside Mumma’s bag and secretly go to work with her?

Do they tiptoe around the house looking for a treat?

Do they grow up to be tomatoes if Papa plants them in the soil?

Do they glow when the stars come out?where do my thoughts go bedtime story

But wait, I can’t find my thoughts!
Did they hide under my bed because they are scared of the dark?

“Be brave!” I think. “It’s okay. It’s just a little dark.” I go to bed. They come out and curl up in my head.

My thoughts go zzzzzzzzz with me.

<End of Where do My Thoughts Go – a bedtime story>

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