Who is it? – Cute beginner reader

Author: Kanchan Bannerjee, Illustrator: Pratyush Gupta

Who is Cute is made available in creative commons – CC-BY-SA by Pratham’s Storyweaver platform.



Text from Who Is It

Priya hears a sound. Srrr… Srrr…

Who is it?

Priya runs out.
She sees the cow chewing grass.

No, it is not the cow that is making the sound.

Is it the monkey in the tree? No, it is not the monkey.

Is it the frog hopping in the grass?
No, it is not the frog.

Is it the deer jumping along? No, it is not the deer.

Is it the fish in the pond? No, it is not the fish.

Then Priya sees the elephant!

The elephant is rubbing its back against a tree.

Now Priya has her answer! Srrr… Srrr…

<End of text from Who Is It>

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Another great and very cute beginner reader, available in creative commons from Pratham’s Storyweaver platform, this is rated Level 1 by pratham.


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