Whoopee…Hyperloop! Future technology coming soon

Author: Sreelata Menon, Illustrator: Satya Krishna Prakash

Sample Text from Whoopee…Hyperloop! Future technology


Little Vishnu was a dreamer. He loved to read. He also loved to travel. But he hated waiting at airports and train stations, taxi stands and bus terminals. Travel always seemed to take so much time!

‘How I wish I had a magic carpet,’ he thought. ‘I would whizz from place to place in no time like Aladdin.’

How did human beings first go from one place to another? They walked.

Once they learnt to tame animals, they rode donkeys, horses, camels, and elephants. Hundreds of years passed. The wheel was invented, and bullock carts and other carriages took people everywhere.

A few centuries ago, the steam engine was perfected and trains were built. Next came the motor car, and people got to places faster.

Cars ran on internal combustion engines. The Wright brothers took this engine and worked on it so that it could power a plane. Engineers took this a step further. They designed rockets to fly humans to outer space and to the moon.


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