Why Youth Should Read 20 Minutes a Day and How This Impacts Their Development

Reading is one of the most important factors that contribute to your success. As Robin Sharma often says, one needs to have a big library to become an extraordinary person. Hence, if you want to make your life better, you should start reading books. No matter what you find interesting – personal development, self-help, business, or fiction, make reading your regular habit. 

Self-made billionaire Oprah Winfrey believes that books were her path to personal freedom. Literature is one of the best ways to discover the whole world without leaving your home. It can teach literally anything if your desire is strong enough. 

Even Elon Musk credited reading for its life-changing effect. He learned the essentials for building his legendary businesses from textbooks. As you see, nothing is impossible if you can find time for reading. But what to do if you are a student whose schedule is pretty full? You can check the solution below!

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What reading makes for your development

Concentration boost

Neuropsychologists say that regular reading sharpens the ability to focus on tasks and get them done. To finish a book, one really needs a lot of discipline and concentration. Unlike smartphones and social media, books require your attention and focus for a long period of time. So you can learn how not to get distracted by the things that are actually unnecessary. Even a multitude of studies have proven that the concentration time increases in active readers. 

Improved writing skills

People who enjoy reading are usually considered better writers. No surprise, books influence writing skills quite positively. After delving into active reading, you will notice that creating a blog post or an essay has become much easier for you. Probably, because you’ve learnt how to describe your thoughts following an example of different writers. By reading, you can also explore the writing style of successful authors and then use it in your own work. 

Rich vocabulary

Increased vocabulary bank is an inevitable consequence of reading. The more novels, textbooks or articles you read, the more words you have in your active vocabulary. You can learn new terms, phrases, and statements from the books. Usually, young people assimilate new vocabulary much faster and effectively than older individuals. So why not benefit from your age and reading practice? For sure, a rich vocabulary will help you in various aspects of life, including education and career. 

Reduced stress

It has been proven by a multitude of studies that reading can reduce stress levels. According to research, reading for just 6 minutes can significantly relieve psychological tension. This is a great advantage of books, especially when it’s accompanied by a cup of herbal tea and relaxing music. No matter what happens to you during the day, just grab a book and enjoy its calming effects. Believe it or not, such a simple act will ease your tension. What’s more, it’s absolutely free and doesn’t require any investments, except for your time. 

Deep knowledge 

Obviously, the more you read, the more knowledge you gain. All the information that you consume contributes to your intelligence. Choose an appropriate book depending on the topic you want to learn and use some reading techniques to make information assimilation more effective. If you find high-quality literature, you will be able to become an expert in almost anything that excites you. In fact, reading is the most affordable and simple way to deepen your existing knowledge. 

More inspiration 

Reading is a powerful tool to motivate yourself. It can give inspiration for setting big life goals. Books show how to achieve outstanding results in different life areas, so you can realize that anything is possible. There are so many autobiographies of legendary people that can serve you as an example. Someone else’s success can be a great driver for your own actions towards the life of your dream. 


Author’s BIO

Michael Turner is an academic writer and a study coach for high school students. He works at one of the world-renowned assignment writing services that complete papers in a wide variety of disciplines. Michel devotes almost all of his free time to reading as he believes that this is one of the most effective self-development activities.


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