WikiJunior Big Book of Fun Science Experiments for Young Children – Book 1

Herewith the Wikijunior big book of Science Experiments featuring the first five featured experiments from Wikijunior.


Slime recipes

Yucky gooey slime! Isn’t it just great?! We love it!
Oobleck – is it a liquid or a solid?

Red cabbage indicator

Red cabbage indicators are great for showing if something is an acid or base. It’s that exciting!

Pinhole Camera

Want to be able to see the sun and solar eclipses clearly without hurting your eyes? Then this is for you!

Raisin Dance

Make those raisins dance. And the best bit is – after you finish your experiment, you can eat the raisins!

How A Bath Fizzer Works, and How To Make One

Learn how that fizzer works, and make one with stuff you can get from your kitchen or a craft store. Children may enjoy making the salts in this chemistry experiment.

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