Bees Like Flowers – Spanish-English bilingual picture nature theme book

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If your children are bi-lingual, Spanish speaking and learning English at school, or vice versa and learning Spanish at school, there are quite a few more great free Spanish and bilingual Spanish-English children’s picture books in our Spanish category.

Children’s picture books make a perfect starting point for learning a language for any age, since the simple language makes them much easier to understand for beginners.


Text and Images from La Abeja y La Flor Bilingual Spanish version

Bees like flowers.
Look! Here comes one!


Tiene un cuerpo peludo,
pero no la toques porque…

She has a fluffy body,
but don’t touch her because…


puede picar
si le das un susto.

she can sting
if you give her a fright.


Yo no las molesto.                                              I don’t bother them.
Están trabajando.                                           They are working.
Solo las miro…                                                  I just watch them…

<end of sample – Spanish-English bilingual picture nature theme book>

You can also follow and read along with the video below


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