Benjamin Franklin – Interactive Biographies for Kids

Benjamin Franklin Children's BookBenjamin Franklin was an amazing person, statesman, businessman, author, philanthropist, and inventor, with his achievements from the declaration of independence to contributions to discovering electricity.  This biography tells all the events of his life, interspersed with activities for children to complete. This Benjamin Franklin children’s book is great for a school or home school project.

Did you know Benjamin Franklin not only was one of the founding fathers of America, he also found time to start an insurance company, a fire fighting company, a hospital, a library, and create his own Akmanac, he invented a wood burner stove, bifocals, and a glass armonica.

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  • this is good for learning english


  • I loved this book.

  • I loved this book. It told us all about Benjamin Franklin’s life. I love history, it always tells us about the stuff that happened before we where even born!😳. Did you know that if Benjamin Franklinn was still alive he would have turned 313 years old. That surprises me a lot. Thank you for showing me this book.

  • I loved it it really tells a lot about the people we celabrate

  • I loved this book because we all needto know the inportance of the people we celabrate

  • Um how do I get in the book?

    • I assumed you mean how do you get the book – click download or read online. The book is a pdf so if you mean writing in the book you need a pdf editor most viewers can also add text, or to convert it to an editible format.

  • Why is this book 2 paragraphs long

  • I suggest that adding a lexile level to each book would be a great step forward in helping parents and children choose the best age and level appropriate book without feeling unsure and skip the whole thing. Now a days children are expected to read at their age level according to the lexile guides.