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Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp, Part I

There once was a poor boy whose name was Aladdin His father was a tailor. When his father died, Aladdin’s mother had to work to earn a living.
One day, a stranger greeted Aladdin.
“Tell me, son,” said the stranger “Are you the son of the tailor?”
“Yes,” said Aladdin.
The stranger threw his arms around him “My dear nephew!” he cried “Your father was my brother! Now I learn he is dead! What a shame!”

Aladdin took the man to his mother She was surprised Her husband had never spoken of a brother, even so, she greeted the man kindly When he promised to help Aladdin become a merchant, she believed him.
But the stranger was not Aladdin’s uncle He was a magician from faraway North Africa He had come to Persia in search of a magic lamp. It was said that this lamp would make a man rich. To find the lamp, the magician needed a helper. He was looking for someone who would help without asking any questions he thought Aladdin was just the right person.
The next day, the magician came to get Aladdin.
“Come with me,” he said “I will introduce you to other merchants ” Then, he led the boy out into the country.

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