God and my Pencil

God and my Pencil – A story about what a chair can be, simple language, and good imagery. Based on bible, and featuring God and Prayer. Brought to you from iCharacter (, creating children’s books that build character and inspire.

By: Agnes and Salem de Bezenac


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  • Rax Baligod writes:
    Hi! Thank you so much for sharing your ebooks for free. I just want to let you know that when I was trying to download this particular ebook what’s coming out is the “God and My Chair” ebook. Can please check on this? Thank you very much once again.
    Editor: Hi, thanks so much for letting me know, and so sorry, it was my mistake, finger trouble, It’s now fixed, so I hope you can now enjoy the right book.

    Sgt ask st ch writes:
    It a good book and I love God more than everything

    Shenelle writes:
    this book was interesting

    Laurie writes:
    This is a wonderful way to teach a 2 yr old the importance of Jesus!

    Ilya writes:
    This is very nice book. It’s so important to talk to children about Jesus’ love.

    Saanvi Singh writes:
    Wow,this sure is a book god should read. Since it’s nearly all about god!