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Sample Text from Happy Maths 3

Sankhya and Ganith have been learning a lot of things in their mathematics class. Join Sankhya and Ganith in their happy discoveries about mathematics. Zzero and Eka are friends of Sankhya and Ganith.

In this book, Sankhya and Ganith have fun measuring a lot of things.

Sankhya and her younger brother Ganith enjoy each other’s company.
They go to school together and they play together.Sometimes they fight with each other.
One day they climbed to the top of Meghdoot Hill. They shouted as loudly as they could.
“I can shout louder than you!” shouted Sankhya. “No, I can shout louder than you,” screeched Ganith.
Sankhya and Ganith have learnt to measure many things. They were surprised to learn that we can measure almost anything.
We can even measure how loudly we shout! Measurement and managing information are part of mathematics. Using mathematics in our life can be very entertaining and useful.

Let’s Measure

How big is this book? “It’s very long,” says Sankhya. “It’s not so thick,” declares Ganith.
“It is broader than our history textbook,” says Sankhya.
An object has several sides to be measured. Measurement is used to compare sizes. We use different units to measure each part of an object.
A book has a regular shape and is easy to measure. Let’s see how many fingers wide the top of the book is. “12 fingers,” says Sankhya, using four fingers of her left hand, then four fingers of her right, and again four fingers of her left hand.

“10 fingers,” says Ganith, whose fingers are a little chubbier than Sankhya’s.
Ganith picks up a ruler, and measures the top of the book. “12 cm,” he says.
1. If the width of the book is 12 cm, on an average what is the width of each of Sankhya’s fingers? 2. What is the average width of Ganith’s fingers?
3. Use the ruler to find your height and that of your friends.
4. Can you think of ways to find the width of your classroom without using your ruler or any other measuring device repeatedly? (You may use it ONCE!)

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