Hazel’s Secret Life

Author: Eric Stone


Text and Images from  Hazel’s Secret Life

So this morning I thought, “I know! I’ll go ask my mom.”


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  • That Guy with the Glasses writes:
    The last book I read was Hazel’s Secret Life. It is a book about a little girl named Tina and her attempt to solve the mystery of why her dog, Hazel, is so fat. Beginning and intermediate readers will enjoy the simple writing style, and readers of all ages will enjoy looking through the surprisingly detailed pictures trying to pick out their favorite surprise in the background. My personal favorite was the movie poster for Pigs in a Blanket. This author is also donating a dollar of every book sold to his local school system.

    mak writes:
    Tina has a problem! Her dog Hazel is getting to fat, and she doesn’t know why! Can her family help her solve the mystery of the pudgy pooch? Based on a true story. From now until the end of the year the author is donating one dollar of every sale to his local school system.


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