How Far Is Far?

By: Sukanya Sinha and Vishnu M Nair



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  • Danielle Bruckert writes:
    Awesome learning tool, and a fun look at measurement with practical comparisons.

    A great way for students to learn about measurement.

    Erin writes:
    I think this is great. Beautiful Illustrations, and I love the educational focus. Having said that, I think it could be edited to make it more concise and digestible for children. I also feel like it’s catered to a certain regional demographic. While that’s fantastic, if the audience is meant to include Western children (or any children in a region not populated by elephants, etc), then I would argue that the intended learning may not happen as easily as the analogies imply is expected. But, of course, the issue is more commonly that books are written from a Western standpoint, which likely alienates some non-Western audiences. Editor: An awesome review Thank-you. I don’t think the kids really care, but the adults do 😉 The book is published in India, but it is open source, which means you can take it and modify it for US audiences if you have the time and inclination. The terms of the license and original publisher are included in the book. Good Luck, and thanks for the review!


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