How Old Is Muttajji?

By: Roopa Pai, Kaveri Gopalakrishnan


Text and Images from How Old Is Muttajji?

Muttajji, who was the twins’ mother’s mother’s mother, lived in Mysore with Ajji, who was the twins’ mother’s mother. No one actually knew when Muttajji’s birthday was; but Ajji had always celebrated it on the Makara Sankranthi holiday.

“Amma, will there be a cake?” asked Putti. “A big, spongy cake with pink icing and a rose on top?”
“Naah,” said Putta. “Old people don’t have birthday cakes. And 200 candleswon’t fit on any cake.”
“Muttajji isn’t 200 years old, silly,” said Putti. “How old is Muttajji, Amma?”
Amma smiled. “Why don’t you ask her when we get there?”

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  • nimisha writes:
    it is a very very nice book. i loved this book very very much, usually i don’t like long books but i liked this book very much. really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am not lying.

    Aaesha writes:
    This is a super good book the twins in the book are very smart.

    Aaesha Omar writes:
    IT is a very good book I really like adventure books. really it is so good. I think everyone should read book.


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