Story of Solar Energy – A comprehensive look at solar energy in a comic book style layout. This book includes a review of energy and industrialisation, the current state of solar energy and how important it is to our future, and several solar energy projects. This book is very suitable for researching school science projects …



Sarbasst’s Tales 3 Dyslexic Version – This book is a revised version ot Sarbasst’s Tales 3, which can be found on our home page, using a Dyslexic font. Sarbasst has started to develop this dyslexic font himself. He needs feedback from the dyslexic children around the world to refine it. Please mail him at …

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White Seal – A story of seals on the beach, and about striving for a better life. Contains some graphic content. One of the stories from the Jungle Book. A subtle message about conservation, environmental issues, and seal culling. By: Rudyard Kipling     Text from White Seal The White Seal Rudyard Kippling Seal Lullaby Oh! hush …

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sarbassts tales 3

Sarbasst’s Tales 3 – Enjoy the spirit of friendship with Bam, Amy and friends, and have a wonderful day. Another great book from Sarbasst at Sarbasst’s Tales. By: Sarbasst Braian     See more books from the Author below    

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mine wants aride

Minny Wants a Ride – Minny sees the chair and wants a ride – is she injured, or disabled, or lazy? Or is it just in her nature? A public domain book from Pratham. By: Pratham Public Domain       See more books about diversity and differences below    


Barnaby Frog And The Song Of The Moon

Barnaby Frog And The Song Of The Moon – Barnaby Frog and his friends sing to the moon – what sounds best? A Duet, a trio, or how about a quartet, is there room for one more? Another great free Level 1 book from Tony On The Moon Books. By: Tony J Moon   Text and …

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Barnaby Frog Had a Busy Day

Barnaby Frog Had a Busy Day – Barnaby runs and hides everywhere he can, trying to escape the Great White Ork, Everywhere he hides there’s more danger! Will he ever escape? ….What a day! Another great free book from Tony On The Moon Books. By: Tony J Moon     See more books about animals below …


joe and the real yellow wellingtons

Joe and the Real Yellow Wellingtons – Snozel doesn’t want to go out in the rain, but, after Joe drags him out, something happens to make him forget how much he hates rain. Sonzel is really glad he went out. Another great free book from Tony on the Moon. By: Tony J Moon   See more …

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Forests for the People

Forests for the People – And old man and a young man take a walk in the forest, the young man learns a lot about how important trees are to our lives, changing his attitude towards nature, he shares this with his girlfriend. A beautiful picture book with many interesting facts about forests, throughout the …

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chuskit goes to school

Chuskit Goes To School – Chuskit is 9 years old, and yearns to go to school, but because of her disability she cannot. After learning about human rights at the local school, Abdul, initiates an effort to change this. Everyone who wants to learn should have access to an education. A beautifully illustrated and heart …

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