Story Building – Sarbaast’s Tales

story buildingSarbasst’s warm friendly characters are back with a short and simple idea for Story Building. This book is a great early reader and a story activity all in one, perfect for bed time stories or for early grade creative writing activities. The author has generously contributed this book to public domain to promote reading and story telling everywhere.

By: Sarbaast Braian

Exert: story building


About the Author:  Sarbasst Braian donated these wonderful books to the public domain, to make it free from copyright. He hopes his work be shared and translated into all the languages of the world over time.

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Friendship – from Sarbasst’s Tales



Sarbasst’s Tales 3

sarbassts tales 3Enjoy the spirit of friendship with Bam, Amy and friends, and have a wonderful day. Another great book from Sarbasst at Sarbasst’s Tales.


The Rabbit and the Flower

the rabbit and the flowerThe rabbit finds a pretty flower, and he likes it a lot. His friends the birds help him find many more pretty things around him. Eventually the rabbit realises what is the most beautiful thing in life. This is the third book in Sarbasst’s Tales of the Lord series which focuses on important values. This series is free for non-commercial distribution under CC-BY-NC license terms.


Friendship – from Sarbasst’s Tales


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  • I did like this book. I’m a child care provider and this is perfect. Simple, colorful, and this is a good way to get their imagination going!

    Thanks Marilyn, so great to hear from someone in child care, hope you will check out more of our books and we look forward to hearing what your listeners think 🙂

    Hint: try the “popular” button with “toddlers” to get the top books in this age range, it’s not easy to find this right now but I’m working on an update.

  • i think i am going to do that game

  • Simple but fun idea. Easy to try with young children.


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