The Misadventures of Little Toast: What’s My Name

the mis adventures of little toastThe Misadventures of Little Toast: What’s My Name – Exciting adventures as baby tries to work out the answers to all the interesting questions in life, for example: What happens if I pull the trash can over? Does popcorn taste just as nice off the floor as in the bowl? And is my name really “Toast”? A fun book for toddlers.

By: Kanika G


Text and Images from The Misadventures of Little Toast: What’s My Name

This is Baby.

Baby is a girl.

Misadventures of Little ToastBaby does not know her name!

Baby learns to crawl.

Misadventures of Little ToastBaby sees popcorn.
She wants some.
Can she get it?

<end of sample>

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Comments 1

  • Danielle (site editor) writes:
    A really fun cute book, well written, simple and with very nice clear, fitting clipart images. Looking forward to hearing more from baby!

    Zehnya writes:
    It was nice because it was easy to read, and I like the baby, it’s funny that she thinks her name is toast.

    Mike writes:
    simple and interesting

    Steve writes:
    Realy cute