Sticky Brains – Mindfulness training

Then she discovers something amazing: her brain gets good at what it practices (yours does too).
She learns to make good thoughts stick too, just by paying attention in a new way.

Join Aria in exploring how to use your own brain changing powers!

A book about mindfulness and how to retrain your brain to think more positively.

Sample Pages from Sticky Brains

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Reviews from Stick Brains:

This beautifully illustrated story shows how we can stay mindful and value our blessings. A treat to share with your kids. A bright and creative “Self Reg” book.
Raffi — Singer, author, founder of the Centre for Child Honouring
Sticky Brains is a playful yet powerful book that will help young children (and the adults who love them) understand the why our brains get stuck on the negative, and more importantly support them in developing the ability to see and enjoy the positive. This is a wonderful practice to do both with your child(ren), and in those moments when your child(ren) are challenging you.
Dr. Amy Saltzman, author of A Still Quiet Place
“I loved Sticky Brains, it made me smile. It is so wise and simple.  Kids, friends, and grown-ups will like it and it will change your brain in the best of ways!”
Bob Stahl, Ph.D. coauthor of 5 books including A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook, MBSR Everyday, and Living with Your Heart Wide Open.
Introducing children to neuroscience is profoundly empowering. Describing how our brains work immediately gives youth a sense that they can affect their emotional experience. Sticky Brains is a great story to demonstrate the neuro-habits of the mind.
Megan Cowan, Co-Founder, Mindful Schools
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  • Wow. I am so surprised about how well my 6 year old son responded to this book. He said he had the same bad thoughts of the character in the book. His face lit up when it was explained to him that other people have these thoughts and you can practice to have more “good” thoughts. I have been having a difficult time trying to navigate him through this and this book was a huge breakthrough for us. I definitely recommend it for worried minds.

  • A lovely empowering book about how a child can change the way they think and so change their week for the better!

  • Im korean student i read this book because i want to learn english

  • i want to read online


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