The Other Way – A book of opposites

beginner english oppositesThe Other Way is a book full of opposites, suitable for very young children or children learning to read. This is also a nice book for beginner readers, pairing the opposite adjectives or prepositions, with a related noun.

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Sample Text adn Images from The Other Way – A book of opposites

oppositesTall like a tree
Short like grass

Up in the sky is a cloud
Down in the soil is an earthworm

oppositesLight like a petal
Heavy like a rock

Over the leaf is a caterpillar
Under the leaf is a Dragonfly

Quick as a squirrel
Slow as a snail

oppositesBirds before sunrise
Bats after sunset

Above the tree is the moon
Below the tree is you!

<End of text from The Other Way – A book of opposites>

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