The Tino, the Rhear, and the Biger – Animal Skins

By: Ashok Rajagopalan


Sample Text from The Tino, the Rhear, and the Biger – Animal Skins


Tingu Tiger is not happy with his skin.
“It’s furry and orange with black stripes. I wish my skin was rough and grey,” says Tingu.

Tingu Tiger likes Ranga Rhino’s skin very much.
“Will you change skins with me, Ranga?” asks Tingu.
“What fun!” says Ranga. “Let’s do that!”

Tingu gives Ranga his furry skin. Ranga gives Tingu her rough skin.

“Thank you, Ranga Rhino! I really love my new skin.”
“No, no, I am Ranga Rhiger now. And you are not a tiger anymore.”
“Right, I am a tino now!” says Tingu.

<End of sample text>

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