1 2 3 with Lily

123 with lilly1 2 3 with Lily – The Forest Fairy takes her friend Lilly, a little girl, on a counting adventure through the forest. Lilly sees different animals and learns to count from 1 to 10 on the journey.

By: Carmen Saptouw



Sample from 1 2 3 with Lily

1 2 3 with Lily“Forest Fairy I need your help. I can’t count
I’ve tried, but when I see a number I want to hide.”

“Now, now Lilly it can’t be that bad,” said the
fairy as she landed by her side.

“All you need is some practise. I’ll take you to
the forest you will find a lot of numbers there.
So let us not give up yet, first let’s see how we fare.”

She took out her wand and with a swish magical dust appeared,
Lilly became smaller as it glittered around her and then disappeared.

The fairy lifted her wings, took Lilly by the hand and began to fly.
And together they lifted to the sky.
Woof, Woof! The bark made the fairy look to the ground.

“It’s my dog fairy I have only 1.
He likes to run and wag his tail for fun.”
“There look how easy that was Lilly, you counted 1.”
And so there counting journey begun.

<end of sample>

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