6 Effective Solutions to Uplevel Your Kid’s Reading Skills at Home

High reading skills are essential for every child. The faster your kids read, and the quicker they comprehend information, the more knowledge they can gain in all subjects.

If you want your son and daughter to succeed in school and life, you should find a way to increase their reading skills.

Are you eager to help your kids right now? Here are six solutions you can apply at home.

Make reading the part of your child’s daily routine

As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” If you want to uplevel your kids’ reading skills, make sure that your kid reads at least a few book pages every single day.

Help your children to make reading the part of their routine. Encourage them to read a book for 15-30 minutes after curriculum activities, before bedtime, or after breakfast on a daily basis. If they follow the routine set without fail, they will achieve fantastic results in the long run.

Support and nurture your child’s passion

Don’t force your kids to read the books that appeal to you. Let kids choose books that match their interests and help them to find their passion and purpose. For instance, if your son wants to become a writer, suggest him reading books for would-be writers, something like On Writing by Charles Bukowski.

It’s a simple trick. If you provide your kids with relevant book options, they will be more likely to fall in love with reading.

Encourage kids to read texts in foreign languages

Are your kids enthusiastic about learning foreign languages? That’s great! The chances are they will want to read stories written in Chinese, Germany, or Italian rather than in English.

Find fun books for foreign language learners and try to read them together with your kids. Or, ask your children’s teacher to provide you with additional reading materials.

Help kids to master the art of storytelling

The story is the most captivating part of the books. So if you want to raise passionate readers, help your kids to master the art of storytelling first. Teach them to write narratives, and they will get more interested in reading. They will want to read novels written by other authors to find inspiration and improve their own skills.

Be an example to follow

Have your kids have ever seen you writing a paper or reading a book? No? Don’t be surprised that they don’t want to read and write at home. You are a role model for your kids. And if you want your son and daughter to read books daily, you should become an example to follow.

Make reading a part of your daily routine and make your kids aware of that. Once your kids see how much joy the books bring you, they will also want to immerse themselves in reading.

Create reading challenges for your kids

Do your kids love to participate in competitions? If so, you can arrange a reading competition to motivate them to read more books. Give your children points for every page/book they read and later turn these points into rewards. For instance, once your kids reach a milestone of 100 points, take your family to Disneyland.

Wrapping it up

If your kids don’t want to work on their reading right now, don’t force them. That may bring your kids more harm than good.

Remember that only positive motivation and support can help your children to become better readers and writers.

BIO: Dorian Martin is a father of two and an editor for dissertation writing services and parenting blogs. He knows how to foster a lifelong love for reading in children and how to make his family happy.

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