Best Free Learn to Read Apps for Children

Technology plays a critical in our children’s lives. As a parent, it’s up to you to choose the role that technology will play in your child’s life. Most parents allow the use of technology at home but, with limits. With technology, there is nothing your child cannot learn today from the comfort of their home.

Reading apps are an iteration of home study lessons that have been around for centuries. Earlier generations used textbooks and videotapes while today’s generation uses computers and tablets. In this article, we are going to discuss the best free learn to read apps to help your children achieve their academic goals. Let’s get started!

1. Relay Reader

Relay Reader was developed by the Educational Testing Service. And it’s one of the best tools that help young learners develop their reading skills. Unlike other apps, this tool has lots of short entertaining passages for children to read and practice.

The app will challenge your child with interesting literature and help him or her thanks to a skilled narrator who can read every other page out loud. Kids will listen to the pronunciation and read when it’s their turn. There are also multiple-choice questions that test their comprehension. Young learners can record themselves to hear how they sound and make necessary improvements. This reading app is available on Appstore and Play Store.

2. Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle

According to thesis writing service, Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle is an amazing kid’s game that encourages children to transform sounds into words, read, identify and learn word families. It’s one of the best free apps that help kids develop their reading and comprehension skills. Some of the free sections in the app include Skateboards and Helmets, Magic Letter Bridge, and Turn the Blocks. In the Skateboards and Helmets section, learners can practice reading a wide range of words as they choose an outfit for Tommy.

In the Magic Letter Bridge section, kids learn to blend different sounds into words by scooting Tommy across the bridge made of letters. Turn the Blocks section allows kids to come up with new words by rotating blocks with letters on their side until a word emerges from the combination. Other paid modules are available. However, they are optional. All the sections of the app are focused on the outcome. And they concentrate on positive reinforcement so that children get encouraged to continue reading. The app is only available on Play store.

3. Skybrary

This app was formerly known as Reading Rainbow and it has helped thousands of children develop reading skills. The app is an interactive digital library within a framework that helps young children explore a wide range of topics. Children usually ask, “Will mom help me do my assignment?” If you are busy at work, Skybrary is here for you. Lots of books that you’ll find here have been curated by educational experts. You’ll also find supplemental videos and hundreds of reading lessons that your child will love. Most of the app’s aspects are free.

4. Starfall Learn to Read

Millions of children have been taught to read by Zac the Rat. And he can teach your kids too. It might look like a game. But Zac doesn’t fool around. All the sections of the app feature vowel sound and related spelling. Kids can read, hear, touch and master the sound and spelling activities through songs and movies. The idea that young learners will recognize the relationship between written and spoken language while comprehending everything and having fun is amazing. The app works amazingly well for young learners who want to learn English. The app is available on Play Store, Appstore, and Amazon.

5. Sight Words

Sight Words enables children to expand their vocabulary through sound, sight, and touch in a fun and organized way. As custom papers reports, the app has been organized according to different grades. The interface is easy to understand and use. And six-year-old kids can use it. Parents and old siblings can include their voices and other items on the interface by taking pictures of possessions and familiar items around the house. Personalizing the app helps children have a stake in it. The app can easily adjust the game to change the number of items per page to challenge and entertain kids. The app is available on Appstore.

6. ABC Kids

ABC Kids is a free alphabet and phonics teaching app that makes learning for young children fun. The games help children recognize lower and upper case letters. And link them to phonic sounds. It makes use of the alphabet knowledge that kids possess to complete letter matching exercises. Preschoolers can follow arrows with their hands and also collect toys and stickers as rewards for tracing letters successfully. The interface focuses on reading and writing to help kids develop their literacy skills. The app is available on Play Store.

7. Homer

Homer has been designed to help toddlers and elementary school kids. However, it takes a different approach. It customizes learning plans and helps students decide what they want to study. The system starts by teaching children how to identify numbers and letters. And start reading passages.

Kids can choose any topic and the app integrates their needs with the chosen topic to create a learning plan. Like other reading apps, Homer uses interfaces to keep children interested and engaged. Users can either choose the lesson plan or the practice mode allows students to revisit their favorite lessons.


Learning to read is a journey that requires commitment and support. Now that we are in the middle of a pandemic, parents need to help their children develop reading skills through the use of these apps.

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