Books About Rich and Successful Women: What tips Can They Give to a Growing Generation?

Younger generations sometimes feel stuck because they don’t know how to deal with the world. Older generations at least didn’t have to deal with so much useless info all the time. That can get tiring, and some young people don’t know what to think anymore. But books have been the teachers for centuries, so turning back to them for answers might be the best option. We’ll list books about (by) successful women that will inspire you regardless of your gender. Before we reveal the list (there won’t be spoilers), we’ll share some things books about wealthy ladies can teach us.

  • Have a Clear Vision

Nothing is more important than knowing what you want because without knowing where you’re headed, you’re lost. Every successful person made it because they had a plan and stuck to it. That plan doesn’t have to be very detailed all the time. That leads to procrastination and overthinking. It’s easy to figure out details when things fall into their places.

  • Be Active (in Career and in Relationships)

Step number two on the road to business or relationship success is activity. Many guys dream about meeting a wealthy older lady who’ll spoil them in one way or another. But most never do anything about it, which is crazy because the good sugar dating site made for guys seeking a rich sugar momma gives a chance to connect with thousands of ladies. It’s not like they’re on a tiny island and sending notes in the bottles. The internet is a great tool – use it.

Working on career goals is also a trait most successful women and men share. Anyone who worked for their money had to go through good and bad to make it, but one of the factors is to move forward all the time.

  • Try Something New (Don’t Be Afraid of New Experiences)

New experiences enrich us, so anyone who wants to reach their full potential should focus on trying new things.

Find Something Relaxing to Do

But it’s being careful not to burn out while trying to become successful in any area of life. Taking time for relaxation is crucial, and there are some inspirational coloring books perfect for that.

Meet New People

The main advantage older people have over younger people is their relationships. The more people you know, the more powerful you are. So don’t neglect networking. Remember, you have a plan, but you can’t make it on your own. It’s valid for business and dating. Online platforms that help in both areas remove all excuses for not trying.

  • Build Relationships You Want (Online Dating: Balance Between Job & Private Life)

We’ll stick to relationships and share more tips.

Don’t Waste Time on Wrong People!

The biggest mistake we make, especially in dating, is being with the wrong people. Successful individuals realize when someone isn’t good for them and don’t hesitate to move on.

Balance Work and Private Life By Dating Sites

It’s tricky to balance all aspects of life nowadays, but there are ways to make it. Online dating sites are a good solution because they let people seek dates 24/7, and users don’t go on dates with people who aren’t their matches.

  • Top 3 Books About Successful Women with Great Tips for the Growing Generation

And now get ready to add three more books to your to-read list. All of them are inspiring and can teach young people a lot, so they might be good gifts too.

Bad Girls Throughout History

Ann Shen is the author of Bad Girls Throughout History. A book gathers 100 inspiring stories about successful women through history. It’s aimed at young women, but everyone can learn a lot from the ladies in this book.


Thrive by Arianna Huffington is what many young people need nowadays. The book gives tips on surviving and prospering in the modern world.

I Am Malala

Malala Yousafzai and Christina Lamb are to thank for the book I Am Malala. Malala is a girl that shows how standing up can change many things. Malala even got a Nobel Prize for Peace at the age of 15.

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