Grade 2 Mathematics Practice Tests and Exams

grade 2 maths practice testsOur Grade 2 Mathematics Practice Tests and Exams provide a large selection of 2nd grade maths practice tests and exams from a variety of different states and countries. These practice tests can help students test their knowledge to determine the level of understanding of Grade 2 mathematics, or they can be used by teachers as extra practice to administer to classes in lead up to the year end tests.

Asides from practicing for Grade 2 maths comprehension, these tests can also determine skill level and gaps in knowledge for after school tutoring or homeschool, they can help students improve grades through repeat practice and asking for more help with questions they get wrong, to get a better grades, or they can help students prepare for a placement test.

These resources are available in the public domain, and they are considered open educational resources.


Grade 2 Maths Tests

Contents and Printing Guide

This page can be used for selecting material to print for students, note, the document may be printed as a paper or electronic (pdf) copy using the page subsets below.

Grade 2 Maths Practice Exams With Answers

Grade 2 Maths Jamaica State
30 Multichoice questions – Pages 5 – 14
6 Structured questions – Pages 15 – 17
Answers multichoice – Page 18

Grade 2 Maths California State 2007
64 Questions multichoice – Page 25 – 55
Answers – Page 56 – 57

Grade 2 Maths Practice Exams Without Answers

Grade 2 Maths RSA State 2012
23 multipart questions Pages 61 – 80

Grade 2 Maths RSA State 2013
23 multipart questions Pages 83 – 103

Grade 2 California Maths Test
Variety of questions – Pages 105 – 123

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