Hide and Seek – Monster Stories

hide and seek children's bookHide and Seek – Monster Stories – Patrick, Kevin, and Arty enjoy a game of hide and seek. In this book they contend for the National Hide and Seek Championships. Can you find them?

Another great book about Patrick and friends, the friendly little monsters from Rubbish Books.

Author: Matt Ryan


Text and Images from Hide and Seek

monster Storieshmm, I wonder where patrick is…

ah, here he is!

monster StoriesWhat are you up to patrick?

You’re training for the National Hide and Seek Championships?

And the tournament is today?

<end of sample>

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Comments 3

  • I like this story, it’s so much fun finding out patrick

  • Beth writes:
    Would be a LOT better if CONTENDER was spelled correctly. Editor: Beth, thanks for the corrections, I have passed them on to the author.

    Baaree Siddiqi writes:
    I like this book. It was fun to read hide and seek. I am 5 years old.

    CARLOS M VIDAL writes:

    Judith Smith Sullivan writes:
    Very cute! I love the whimsical theme paired with the interactive plot. Also like that cartoons are used with photographs. I think my son is going to love playing hide and seek with the characters! Four stars!

    Tara writes:
    A few comments. ‘Rubbish Books’ is the name of the publisher??? Yikes. There is something to the whole what’s in a name things… I find ‘championships’ and ‘tournament’ to be big words for toddlers. Proper nouns, such as people’s names, should be capitalized. Same goes for the first word in a sentence. Punctuation should be used consistently. Why teach bad habits, right? Cute concept, but not professional.

    Frank writes:
    I don’t care what’s knit-picked, these books are amazing for interactivity, I watch as my child listen and without fail remembers line by pronoucable line; it is my hope to watch her grow with these books. P.S. This site is absolutely recommendable! Thanks

    Linn writes:
    My daughter loves Matt’s books! She insist I read them to her every night. Great job!


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