Hide and Seek – Monster Stories

Another great book about Patrick and friends, the friendly little monsters from Rubbish Books.

Author: Matt Ryan


Text and Images from Hide and Seek

ah, here he is!

You’re training for the National Hide and Seek Championships?

And the tournament is today?

<end of sample>

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Comments 3

  • I like this story, it’s so much fun finding out patrick

  • Beth writes:
    Would be a LOT better if CONTENDER was spelled correctly. Editor: Beth, thanks for the corrections, I have passed them on to the author.

    Baaree Siddiqi writes:
    I like this book. It was fun to read hide and seek. I am 5 years old.

    CARLOS M VIDAL writes:

    Judith Smith Sullivan writes:
    Very cute! I love the whimsical theme paired with the interactive plot. Also like that cartoons are used with photographs. I think my son is going to love playing hide and seek with the characters! Four stars!

    Tara writes:
    A few comments. ‘Rubbish Books’ is the name of the publisher??? Yikes. There is something to the whole what’s in a name things… I find ‘championships’ and ‘tournament’ to be big words for toddlers. Proper nouns, such as people’s names, should be capitalized. Same goes for the first word in a sentence. Punctuation should be used consistently. Why teach bad habits, right? Cute concept, but not professional.

    Frank writes:
    I don’t care what’s knit-picked, these books are amazing for interactivity, I watch as my child listen and without fail remembers line by pronoucable line; it is my hope to watch her grow with these books. P.S. This site is absolutely recommendable! Thanks

    Linn writes:
    My daughter loves Matt’s books! She insist I read them to her every night. Great job!


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